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We are the sole distributors of Snow Mountain Garlic (SMG), one of the rarest and most potent herbs on earth. The Indian traditional science of health, Ayurveda - probably the oldest organised system of medicine in the world - regards garlic as a 'Wonder Herb'; not only is it called one of the most effective anti-microbial (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral) herbs ever discovered but it has been used for millenia to treat heart diseases, tumors, wounds, snake and insect bites, headaches, ulcers, measles and pimples.

We expand on the uses of this wonder herb in The Story of Garlic.

While more than 60 varieties of garlic are grown throughout the world, SMG - from Kashmir, India - has been clinically established to be the world's best garlic in terms of purity and potency. Our FAQs tell you more about SMG.

SMG grows in the snow mountains of the Himalayas, at 6,000 metres (about 20,000 feet) above sea level. It is harvested by farmers in Kashmir, India. We buy the bulbs directly from the farmers, sort and grade them in Singapore, and sell them all over the world. Here in Singapore, you can find SMG with Acupuncturists and in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Natural/Organic food-product shops.

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